We all have it, some like to hide it some like to show it off.  We may all be connected as people but we are also all individuals.  We have our own thoughts, our own dreams and our own beliefs.  We do share some of these traits with others, and normally these are the people we choose to surround ourselves with.  It is a sense of belonging, knowing that you are not alone in the world with your thoughts and your dreams and your beliefs.

Even though we are all know we are individuals that thought terrifies us to some extent.  Some people do have stage fright of their own lives.  But when you think about it, there are over 6 billion people in the world, I am pretty sure that there are others who think and feel the way you do about a lot of things.  Just because someone disagrees with you or does not like you doesn’t mean that everyone does.  There are two sides of that coin, that is why we have words like love and hate, ying and yang, hot and cold.  Opposites do attract!

Have you ever asked yourself, where do I fit in?  I think at some point of our lives we have all asked ourselves that question.  I have come to realize that I fit in where people will let me fit in.  This is how I work as well.  I let my individuality sell me because somewhere out there somebody gets what I do.  I have been asked by several people, “What is your booking percentage?”  Honestly, mine is about 10%.  People in sales say it should be around 80-90%.  That’s great if all you want to do is make money, but I want more than that.

The people who hire me do so for a reason.  Maybe they understand my work, they definitely want it for themselves, maybe they connect with me?  I don’t know the exact answer but I do know from past experience that taking the wrong clients only leads to my own dissatisfaction.  Not that they were not great people, but they really were not my clients, I was just a guy taking pictures for them.

I have a couple who I am photographing after the holidays, I cannot wait for this session!  They get what I do and they have no problem giving me full control for their photo session.  All photographers are not the same, we all have our own eyes and our own way of viewing the world we live in.  We should not have to fall into the category of “this is how you take a portrait, this is how you shoot a wedding, this is fashion, this is glamour” etc….

Honestly, if you follow the textbook path of photography you will probably have more clients than I do and make more money, I’m not going to lie about that.  But if you crave to be an individual and just feel the need to be who you are, don’t hide it because you feel you have to just to make a living.  I do take jobs I don’t always want to do, but I find ways to get them on my terms.  This lets me hang on to that individuality I love and feel the need to express.