Merc Warning ;)

I know I am always trying something new, but sometimes it’s so much fun to just repeat yourself just because it’s so much fun to do so!  I have talked about shooting in my car so many times but it’s something I love!  I think I just might have to do so again today.  I love how no matter who I put in there, they always have a different vibe than the person before.

I’m thinking of making a book of only images from the Benz and keeping it in the glove compartment… creepy or cool?  Maybe just creepy cool. 😉

But before I do that today, I am going to force myself to shoot something different from the normal way I’ve been shooting, maybe a new backdrop a different lighting set up…. just something different and outside of my regular comfort zone.  Wish me luck!

A couple of more shots from the Benz!