2nd time around

I love it when I get to shoot with people more than once.  Sydney came back in for a 2nd session after having a pretty good 8 months since our last shoot!  She’s had a pretty good year, is the face of a clothing line, a new show on the CW network coming out, and of course getting to work with me again. 😉

I think the best way to get return clients is to have a good understanding on both ends of what is expected from a shoot.  If one expects more than the other the working relationship will probably not work out too well.  Basically, get it in writing before you shoot.  No matter how long I’ve been in this business I will sometimes forget to put it all in writing only to have someone then try to take advantage of the situation.  Now I am dealing with some clients who have a very big self entitlement complex, this is only about 1% of my client base, but they will definitely take up most of your time!  What am I saying?  I am saying the client is not always right.

I do my best to take care of my clients and literally most of my clients are amazing people!  But there are those who apparently have never been told “no” before in their lives!  You must handle these people very delicately otherwise you may end up with someone bashing your name, taking you to court or even knocking on your door demanding something they never paid for.  To them it may seem very rational, it’s amazing what people can convince themselves of.

Sometimes it is easier just to back down and give them what they want if it is reasonable, other times, you just have to set themstraight and stick to your contract.  Bottom line, get it in writing, it will solve most problems right away, and if it doesn’t well it will usually have your back in court!

This is why I like people like Sydney, we work well together!