How do you shoot?

I’m posting a specific image today for one reason.  It really doesn’t matter if you shoot film or digital.  To me exposure is exposure.  If you can’t make a correct exposure or you really want to do some out there funky things to your images, then it’s just easier to shoot digital and shoot RAW.

Myself, I shoot large jpeg when I shoot digital unless I have a specific client who wants RAW.  Usually commercial gigs want that.  But I’m not here to get into a debate about RAW vs. Jpeg.  I’m here to talk about exposing your images.

I like a soft glow to most of what I shoot, I really dig that hazy feel to an image.  I also like warm tones so I tend to use the correct white balance.  With digital I personally feel there is absolutely no reason to not get the exposure right in camera.  I mean you can see the histogram, you can see the screen, how hard can it really be?  Just stop, take your time and think before you shoot.  That’s all, really, it’s not rocket science, just slow down and do no rely on your camera or post production to do the work for you.

This image is unedited, the only thing I’ve done is added my name to it.  It’s a large jpeg shot outside with nothing but natural light.  As you see, I don’t really have too much to do to this image to make it exactly how I want it.  No, it’s not perfect, but it’s one I grabbed from a session I shot awhile ago just to prove that a good exposure is so much better to start with than anything else.