What are you?

Do you know what the photography world needs?  We need another Helmut Newton.  Not for his work, which was amazing, but for his attitude.  He wasn’t one to sugar coat things and just pat you on the back and say good job.  He was egotistical, arrogant and narcissistic (no wonder I look up to him so much).

The photography world has become too complacent and full of people who think they know a lot about it but honestly, they don’t know shit.

On another forum there was a photographer, who admittedly never shot film, who wrote an educational piece about how digital is far superior to film.  Yet he had no background to back up his theory, no actual evidence and knew nothing of the comparisons of the tonal range of film vs. digital and that they both can do things that the other cannot.  One is not better than the other, they are different.

When did this all change?  Do we blame the invention of digital photography for the uprising of newbie photographers who shoot okay photos who now think they  know it all?  Do we blame conventions like WPPI for celebritizing photographers and calling them “Rock Stars”?  I say we blame ourselves for putting up with it and not speaking out.

Just because you have a ton of followers on facebook or twitter or whatever site you are on does not mean that you know your craft and are entitled to teach others the nothing that you know.   If I have to hear about how you talk about things “rich people” want to hear about on your blog from another photographer I might just have to start slapping people.

So many stupid workshops on how to get “high-end” clients, what to say on your blog, how to set up your website.  Basically it is a workshop on how to make yourself look different from who you really are and hopefully someone will like you because of it.  I mean if you really want to learn how to lie about yourself you really should have paid more attention in high school.

So what are you?  Are you a photographer?  Are you a client?  Are you someone who needs their delicate ego patted and be told you did such a great job even though you are mediocre?

I know what I am, I am a photographer, a narcissist, and I am opinionated.  Don’t pat me on the back unless you mean it, my ego is big enough and I’m not going to cry if you don’t like me.  What I do, I do with intention, I can tell you exactly how and why I did it.  If you want to learn something, hit me up and I’ll most likely tell you for free, either you will understand it or you won’t.

Your clients deserve your attention, not some other photographer who claims to have clients but is selling more to photographers.  Stop trying to be someone else, become someone of substance and be who you are.  Believe it or not, believing in yourself is the number one way to start succeeding in this over saturated business.

Here is a shot of Casey, this was from her 2nd session with me right after her Playboy test shoot. Why am I mentioning this?  Because people come back to me more than once because I am real with them.  I do my best for them and I do not try to be anything I am not.  Be genuine, be real and treat your clients the way you would treat yourself.