Breaking the Rules

It has often been said that “once you know the rules then you are allowed to break them.”  I guess what the people who say this are really trying to say is that if you are breaking the rules without knowing you are breaking them then there is some sort of ignorance to what it is you are doing.

Now I have been doing this long enough to where I should know most of the rules, I do know a lot of them but I’m sure there are many that I have forgotten over the years.

Basically, if you understand composition, lighting and posing then you are allowed to go outside of that box and explore other ways of creating images.  But who makes up these rules?   Even though I agree with most of the rules I feel as though I agree with breaking the rules even more.  Granted, I have been known to break rules, in the photography world and otherwise, but there is something about unleashing your creative self without thinking about what others will say or think of your work.  Who cares if it’s not perfect, if it’s not all the way in focus or if it doesn’t meet the “rule of thirds” criteria exactly.

So I guess I am kind of saying once you know some of the rules you can break them, you probably should be able to tell that you have broken rules, at least when looking at the post production aspect of your work.  And there will be those who will always critique your work and let you know what is right and what is wrong.  I must admit, I don’t really listen to those who think something is wrong with my work.  I am a narcissist after all.  I have never really been good at listening to authority figures or people who are supposed to “know more” than others.  I’m not really a rebel, just more of someone who likes to shake things up and not do just what is expected of me.

Maybe my defiance is more on this level.  Don’t question authority, ignore it. 😉