Getting Lucky

I have said many times before that luck is the result of hard work and skill.  I am not really a believer in luck.  I personally do not think that things just happen out of nowhere.  You have to put it out there because if you don’t then how does this “luck” find you?

Let me put it this way.  If you go to a baseball game with a friend, you were the one to buy the tickets in the bleachers in left field, your friend starts drinking too much and isn’t really paying attention to the game, he’s more focused on getting another drink.  The batter hits what looks like to be a home run heading your direction, you have your baseball mit on your hand, you’re watching the ball come in your direction and you catch the home run ball.  Is this luck?  It’s happenstance.  A number of events had to take place for this to happen.  You called and bought your tickets at the right time, you brought your mit, your buddy’s hand-eye coordination is off due to his intake of alcohol so he couldn’t interfere with your ability to catch the ball plus the hundreds of other little things that happened to allow this ball to fall from the sky into your glove.

Luck didn’t find you, you put yourself in luck’s path.

I say I am lucky because I get to do what I love every day.  This did not just happen overnight.  The amount of years and hours and frustration I have put into my career is what makes me lucky.  It is not just a gift from the gods.  When you put yourself in the right situation and are prepared for the situation, great things can happen!

So as I said earlier, luck is the result of hard work and skill, and yes, I get lucky quite often. 😉