The Average Method ;)

When I shoot any session there is a certain method to my madness.  The first thing I must have is trust, if I cannot build trust with my subject I may as well just put the camera down and go find another career.  Next I need to convey my ideas in a very simple easy-going manner.  If we (as photographers) just bombard our ideas to our subjects, whether it is a model or a client, this will always bring a little tension and sometimes make the person in front of your lens a little stiff and unsure of themselves, especially if they do not fully understand your concept.

Photographers love to talk about the technical aspects of our work, our subjects for the most part don’t understand it or just don’t really care.  They just want great photos of themselves.  Let go of the tech talk!

Most of the people I photograph understand my style before ever even talking to me.  I think I display the type of work I love to shoot in my portfolio and here on this site.  I recently had someone come in to the studio who figured she was just not going to be wearing much of anything to get the shots she wanted.  But she saw the work on this site, knew what she wanted and through talking to me trusted that we would get what she wanted.

So why am I talking about this today?  Because I feel it is so important to show what you want to shoot and what you are able to shoot.  My work is definitely based on sexuality and sensuality.  I love creating images that are seductive to the viewer.  I think I received one of the best compliments on my work from another photographer a couple of weeks ago when he said, “you just get it, you show just enough but leave the rest to the imagination”.  For me, he got it, nevermind me “getting it” he actually understood what I was trying to do with the image he was talking about.  That image reached out to him.

Everything I shoot will not be liked by everyone.  I’m okay with that.  But when one of my images impacts one person, then I have done my job.  Just like when my clients become obsessed with the work I’ve shot for them, they’re not narcissistic, they’re just happy.  Me, I’m narcissistic, technically I was my own inspiration for this photo below.  Beth just happened to rock it for me!  😉