The little things in life

Okay, so yesterday was about business, today is all about fun.  Everyone knows I am opinionated, outspoken and I admittedly do not have a censor in my brain that keeps me from saying what I think…. also known as rude on certain occasions.

But today I want to talk about the little projects I do to keep my sanity and help with my lack of censor.

I am obsessed with expired Polaroid film, yes I’ve talked about this before but I just cannot get over the fact that true Polaroid film is going to be extinct very very soon.  It will be a sad day for me when I finally run out.

My wife and I had a small gallery show last year titled “Polaroid Smut” it was based on how society (back in the day) actually used Polaroid instant cameras.  In several states it was still illegal to take nude photographs, so if you took your film to the lab and you had photos of you and your spouse being “adults” or nude models or anything of that type of nature you could be arrested.  With the invention of the instant camera suddenly people in America were able to explore their “dirtier” ideas without the risk of someone reporting them to the police.

People are obsessed with nudity, especially nude women.  It has been this way for centuries.  I’m just glad that things have changed and loosened up enough to where we can now openly share the images we take!

Here is some of my “Polaroid Smut” from last year.