I call BS.

There is an old saying “Fake it ’till you make it” and I understand how this can be a good practice for someone just starting out in business.  If you don’t have business it is hard to get new business.  So yes, you do have to fake it a little in the beginning.  But where do you draw the line?

Some people lie about their age to fit in with a certain demographic, or to make it look like they “came out of nowhere” like there is some shame in it taking you 10 years to really start perfecting your craft.  Others, in this industry, do take it a little too far.  I have recently seen two completely fake magazine tear sheets.  One was a fake cover of Maxim magazine, did not even look real but this person had so many comments on the image saying “wow, congrats” etc… so people who don’t know any better just believe it and assume this person is a working professional and shoots for major magazines.  I saw another that was meant to look like an editorial for Italian Vogue, the first giveaway that it was fake was that the work was way below the standards of Italian Vogue!

Yes, you can try to fake it to a certain degree but when you go too far, you end up looking like an ass.  Yes really.

I have not put up any of my tear sheets on this site, mostly because I do not shoot for magazines anymore.  I work with aspiring models and regular people like you and me.  I like shooting fashion style portraits, lingerie, boudoir or pretty much anything for my personal projects.  I guess I’m too busy trying to make a living rather than trying to fool the people on facebook!

Maybe I’ll start faking it after I make it. 😉