Los Angeles Fashion

Los Angeles is very unique in it’s perspective of things.  What exactly is fashion in Los Angeles?  There is such a wide variety of style on the west coast.  New York, Paris, Milan, they all have a distinct style, but LA… LA is different.  We have everything from movie stars to porn stars, glamour models to fashion models and every type of photographer as well.  This why I personally believe that anything goes in LA!  Hey, Kim Kardashian has inspired teenage girls to dress like little tramps all over the country, do we call her fashion?  I know the tabloids do.  Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice for those who don’t remember) is now a “Fashion Designer” now that she is living in LA.  There are countless others who are considered to be “High Fashion” by west coast standards, I’m sure the designers in France are cringing at the thought of this, oh well, “let them eat cake” (sorry, just seemed fitting).

Maybe it is the LA attitude which makes us fashionable to others.  We live in the sunshine, party at “exclusive” clubs and hang only with beautiful people.  It is a very shallow society we live in, but no matter what you look like, you can always slap on a coat of spray tan, get a cool hairdo and rock your D&G sunglasses or whatever is popular now and walk down Rodeo Drive and pretend to be somebody, you never know when someone might actually think you are!

So what is Los Angeles Fashion?  It’s over priced clothing, sunglasses, hand bags, expensive haircuts and attitude.  Sometimes it’s nothing at all!  If you’ve got the body for it, bare it, in LA it’s fashionable!

Okay, so you may be asking yourself, so what is your point Mr. Average Jim?  Simple, Los Angeles Fashion is about defining yourself, whether it is with a look or designing clothes or an attitude.  You are allowed to be different in LA, you don’t need to fit into any stereotype to be accepted.  In fact, stand out, be different and be you!  Push your own boundaries and be a trend setter, not a follower.  LA is about moving forward, this is why we are so able to forget the past, that’s like so 20 minutes ago. 😉