LA Fashion… it’s about you.

I love creating a mixture of fashion, glamour and lifestyle to my work.  It doesn’t always have to be all three but I definitely like combining at least two of these elements.  Lifestyle is a pretty broad term, it could be anything from commercial looks to portraits to intimates, but no matter what you’re shooting if you add in that element of fashion or spice it up with some glamour I feel it just adds that little extra umph you sometimes want in an image.

When you start playing around with different ideas it also helps you develop your own personal style.  Sometimes your style will change over time or every month.  Richard Avedon shot street fashion and white backdrops for years, then he started with multiple exposures, then back to the white backdrop, then a grey backdrop outside.  But in each style there was one constant that was always there.  It was him.  No matter what you shoot with or where you shoot, the key element is you.  So don’t try to be anyone other than yourself, it shows in your work!