The Seduction Sessions

When I first started photography I always thought I would be a landscape photographer.  Although I had always love fashion and glamour images I really wanted to be the next Ansel Adams.  My first year in college taught me one thing, I am not a landscape photographer!  Luckily I had taken an acting class where I had met several new friends who were always willing to step in front of my camera so I could practice.  After a few sessions I realized how much I love photographing people, especially women.

My first “studio” was a 3 bedroom home, it was mostly vacant as I was a college student with no money for furniture!  This has been my favorite way to shoot since then!  I love photographing in homes, vacant or otherwise.  There is something about the mood of a house, it becomes a character in the photographs.

About 3 or 4 years ago I started a project I called “The Seduction Sessions”.  This was before the big craze in boudoir photography, I didn’t even think of it as boudoir mostly because I had photographed so many people like this before.  Now that it has become more mainstream I find myself shooting more and more of these types of sessions.  It really is a wonderful way to shoot!

This is one of my favorites from a few years ago.